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The Canary Islands started preparing for becoming a hub of innovation in the last few years, and are now situated in a good position to make sure that the economic and touristic crisis we face can be mitigated with the growth of our tech sector.

Laureano Pérez Rodríguez - General Director of Economic Promotion at the Canary Islands Government


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With a population of over 2 million people, the Canary Islands are a sanctuary for tourists, retirees, digital nomads and entrepreneurs. What makes this region so attractive is not only the mesmerizing bitches and great climate, but also the rich culture, great food and music and unique architecture.
The 12 million visitors coming to the Canaries every year are in awe of the paradise-like scenery and enchanted by the lifestyle the region has to offer.

To understand better the diversity of the region, we need to look at the interesting location of the Canary Islands.

They are an archipelago, located off the coast of Spain in close proximity to the African continent and with easy connection to America and Europe. Major islands in the archipelago include Tenerife, Gran Canaria, and Fuerteventura. Additionally, there is Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera, La Graciosa, and El Hierro, which altogether make up the 8 main islands.

Famous attractions like the Teide National Park, the location of one of the tallest volcanoes in the world, are also found here. For hiking lovers, there are a few great trails to follow whether it’s around El Hierro, climbing Roque Nublo or Pico de las Nieves.

The islands are also home to some iconic buildings like the Church of San Juan Bautista and historical cities that are always open for exploration and admiration.

The Canary Islands offer a range of great festivals and events to attend all year round. The Fuerteventura International Kite Festival has a long tradition of attracting amateurs and professional kite pilots. Every year the skies of the Canary Islands get filled with all colours and shapes of kites and unite families for an unforgettable day. Every the Three Kings Parade, the Festival of San Juan, and the Saint Candelaria Festival remind people of the rich culture they inherited. The Canaries are also renowned for their Carnivals, rich nightlife and music festivals.

There is no questioning that the Canary Islands are a great place to live in, but here are the top 5 reasons why the Canaries are a great place to live in:

Low cost of living

While the Canary Islands offer all the benefits of living in Europe, the costs are significantly lower. According to NUMBEO, renting an apartment in the Canaries is 14.12% cheaper than in Valencia and 39.61% lower than in Madrid. Because of the tourist character of the region, eating out at a restaurant could be sometimes pricy. The food markets and grocery stores make it affordable to cook at home. Depending on what you are looking for, some islands may offer a more comfortable lifestyle than others, but the overall cost of living is generally appreciated as one of the top reasons for moving to the Canary Islands.

Reach culture

When the Roman explorers came to the Canary Islands during the 1st century, they didn’t know anything about the indigenous population of the islands referred to as Guanches. Across time, the islands attracted the Arab traders, the Castilians, Christopher’s Columbus’ fleets and many others who saw the great potential of the region. If you find yourself in La Gomera and listen carefully, you might be able to hear Silbo Gomero, a whistling language similar to the one used by the original inhabitants of the islands.

Each island has its own unique identity and has developed differently during the years, but they are all united by an artistic spirit of music and dance, by common history and beautiful UNESCO preserved sites and by the events and carnivals that keep the “island spirit” alive.

Great Climate & lifestyle

The Canary Islands are renowned for their good all year round weather and Mediterranean climate. The quality is considered to be in the top 5% worldwide and paired with the great healthcare score and low cost of living, the Islands make up for a great location.

Rich volcanic soils allow for great wine production and there is a great variety of fruits and crops the island can produce.

For those interested in a healthy lifestyle, great food and open-air sports with mesmerizing views, the Canary Islands will not disappoint. People living in the Canaries are very familiar with windsurfing, scuba diving, cycling, rock climbing, but also with some deep-rooted traditional sports like the Bola Canaria.


The diversity of the archipelago is embedded in the geography of the region, but is also attributed to the rich history and culture that attracted people from all over the world. The Canary Islands are very used to welcoming every year thousands of tourists and are very open to people who want to relocate. Tenerife, along with many other islands, is considered an Intercultural City, with minorities from America, Venezuela, Cuba, Argentina, UK or Germany.


While many may see the Canaries as a remote and secluded region, it is not short of opportunities. The region is very well connected by air and sea to the African, European and American continents. Thousands of weekly flights offer a well and convenient means to mainland Spain and hundreds of weekly flights go to European capitals. The internet connectivity is around 36.6 MBPS which opens a world of possibilities for people working remotely. The Canary Islands have great schools and universities, employment opportunities and great options for spending the free time.

While island life may not be for everyone, the Canary Islands are generally considered a dream-like location. When asking thinking about relocating to the Canaries, the question is not as much about “if” they should do it but about which island is best.

The islands pull millennials, retirees, young families and entrepreneurs alike. Their rich culture, great food and music and unique lifestyle have something attractive for each and every one.

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